Friday, April 08, 2011

Weekend Plan

Isn't this book tied up with a big orange bow cute? Carrie came and spent the night last night to be closer to the airport for her flight to Florida this morning and brought me this cookbook that extends the birthday celebrating for another week......

We have a busy weekend coming up. The Masters on TV, John is heading downtown for opening day for the Detroit Tigers, I am getting ready to host family overnight to be close to Bridgid's gymnastic meet in the morning, then off to MP later Saturday for my Uncle's ninetieth birthday party Sunday, and to watch Blake receive a Peace Makers award Monday night.

Hope your weekend is as event filled as you want it to be.


  1. What is the book called? Looks like Skinny something?

  2. The book is Skinny Italian by Teresa Giudice.

  3. What a pretty Birthday gift!
    My hubby wore his Detroit Tiger hat all day today! I hope they have a good season.

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend, jealous about being able to go to the Tigers opener!!! I have that book, actually 2 copies ---long story, Borders screwed up! Anyway, lots of great recipes inside! Enjoy! Have fun!

  5. Sue, is most of your family from the Mount Pleasant area? You speak of it often! I have a 2010 CMU grad and another about to enter this fall.

  6. Tammy, Yes my family is in Mt. Pleasant. Congrats to the CMU grad and much success to the one about to enter in the fall. CMU is a great school as I am sure you have discovered.


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