Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome Spring

Happy Spring!
We are finally getting the stairway painted. The painter's started last Thursday and promise to be finished by this Wednesday. At this stage it looks terrible.....We had house guests this weekend that were kind enough to tolerate the light coating of dust that has permeated the entire house. Of course I did the best I could to remove as much as possible before their arrival but I am afraid the thin haze of gunk remained where least expected.
I hope you are enjoying Spring where ever you are.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guest Blogger Today is Blake Moore

Dear Aidan, Have a nice day. Have fun at school. I am staying with my Grandma. Good by.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

~ Spring ~

So is everyone in the northern hemisphere enjoying this glimpse of spring that we have been getting recently? We had a great time in Florida last week. After 5 weeks on Weight Watchers the Lilly bathing suits worked out alright.
Since we got back from Florida I have been working on putting away the heavy winter clothes and bringing out a few lighter pieces. We can not be certain here in the north that we will not get another snow storm until around the end of April but I am feeling like it is safe to start thinking about spring at this point in time.
Today is supposed to be beautiful so I am heading to the outlet mall at Birch Run to meet a couple of my girls and their boys for some pre-season shopping. I have some birthday gifts to buy and then on to some of my favorite outlet stores. The Ralph Lauren outlet store is starting a sale today so that will be on my list of must stop shops. JCrew, Brooks Brother's and Coach are a few other ones that I hope to get to if I have enough time. I will let you know if there are any great buys out there.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fun In The Sun

March came in like a lamb here in southeast Michigan. Yesterday we had beautiful sunshine warm enough to start melting the 10 inches of snow that we received last week. Just the kind of weather needed to get me in the mood for our up-coming trip to Florida. From the looks of the extended weather forecast for southern Florida next week it should be clear sailing for soaking up some Florida sunshine.
My sun soaking attire needed to be refreshed this season so while holding my breath I nervously order a couple of two piece bathing suits. I was holding my breath because I have not attempted to wear a two piece for many, many years. I really wanted to be able to sit in the sun with out wadding up the skirt and tucking in the straps of my old skirted tankinis to get an even tan so I placed the order.

The package came yesterday and to my surprise they fit. Three weeks of Weight Watcher's helped a little. The little sundress coverups help a lot!

The plan is to wear the little dress over the two piece and only remove it when reclining on the pool lounge chair.

Thank you Lilly Pulitzer for these generously cut, well fitting bathing suits, and for letting me borrow your pictures.
I have been busy with house guests and getting ready for our trip so have not had much time to get around to visiting all of you but I miss you and hope you are well.