Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fun In The Sun

March came in like a lamb here in southeast Michigan. Yesterday we had beautiful sunshine warm enough to start melting the 10 inches of snow that we received last week. Just the kind of weather needed to get me in the mood for our up-coming trip to Florida. From the looks of the extended weather forecast for southern Florida next week it should be clear sailing for soaking up some Florida sunshine.
My sun soaking attire needed to be refreshed this season so while holding my breath I nervously order a couple of two piece bathing suits. I was holding my breath because I have not attempted to wear a two piece for many, many years. I really wanted to be able to sit in the sun with out wadding up the skirt and tucking in the straps of my old skirted tankinis to get an even tan so I placed the order.

The package came yesterday and to my surprise they fit. Three weeks of Weight Watcher's helped a little. The little sundress coverups help a lot!

The plan is to wear the little dress over the two piece and only remove it when reclining on the pool lounge chair.

Thank you Lilly Pulitzer for these generously cut, well fitting bathing suits, and for letting me borrow your pictures.
I have been busy with house guests and getting ready for our trip so have not had much time to get around to visiting all of you but I miss you and hope you are well.


  1. I'm sure you look adorable in these,

    I don't!!

  2. Have a wonderful time!

  3. I love your choices, Sue! I hope you have a fabulous vacation.

  4. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! I am so ready for some warm weather (even Georgia the winter has held on a bit too long).

  5. Ok, lov'n the pink n green sun dress! I think it belongs in my closet...since I'm in Florida now! So glad y'all got a break from the snow. I keep up with many Mi friends and they fuss about the awful winter weather. Florida has been chilly this winter and the locals think it's cold. After living in Mi for yrs, I think it's chilly! ; )

    Where will you be visiting in southern Fl? We are going to do a bit of travel down there ourselves this summer. There's an island, gulf side, just north of the everglades that I hear is wonderful. Marco Island...maybe?

    Well, have fun looking cute and soaking up the sun!

  6. Shelley, Marco Island has beautiful beaches. We used to vacation mostly on the gulf side of Florida but the last few years we have been back on the east side. My Grandfather had a summer house in Miami when I was growing up and my family spent many winters there. In the late '70's I was an owner of a Mole Hole franchise. The franchise headquarters was in Naples, Florida so we went there every winter for our 'Mole Hole' conventions and fell in love with that area. We vacationed there often even after selling the store.
    Two years ago we went to a wedding in Stuart, Florida. Stuart is a few miles north of Palm Beach on the Atlantic side of the state. We really like the area. It is a little less congested than the Naples, Marco area, and having Palm Beach a few miles down the road is nice. To me, it seems more 'Southern' than the gulf side. Anyway, that is where we are going this year for our vacation.
    I hope you are getting settled in your new house in sunny (hopefully) Florida. It is very nice to meet you.

  7. Sue,
    I've never been to the restaurant you asked about...the ?Pirate's Cove? I believe. Other than the usual chain places, there isn't much around the area for fine dining! {Actually, there might be some great places in Stuart, I just don't know about them} We usually end up going to Palm Beach Gardens or somewhere in Broward County, which is where we spend so much time. I love your suit and the darling coverup!

  8. Good for you, love the pattern you picked out.

    Have a safe trip!

  9. I love your new suits and coverups. Such fun and fresh patterns. You'll look fabulous soaking up the rays. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip.

  10. Love them ALL!

  11. Good for you for wearing a bikini! You are fabulous!

  12. What great suits and dresses! I'm jealous. Have a great time!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  13. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Hi Sue....

    Glad you had a nice time...I just love the Naples/ Marco Island area....we have friends that live on Marco Island....

    We need to get back there soon, the last time I was there was in 07 :)

    Yes i sure hope Spring gets here quickly !!!

    All the best,
    Kathy :)


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