Monday, February 22, 2010

The Perfect Cottage

Last spring we looked at this old, old cottage and we were instantly smitten.
It has four separate little cottage apartments all connected to this huge common screened in porch that faces the water.

The old boat house has room for three good sized boats.

This is the view from the water.

Can't you just imagine lazy summer days spent here?


  1. Wow, I would love to spend some relaxing time there! Where is this located? Just lovely!

  2. Lisa, The cottage is located on the north chanel of Lake St. Clair, north of Detroit. It has been for sale since last year. They lowered the price recently, tempting us even more....

  3. Oh, how lovely!!! I can just imagine relaxing out there....ahhhh...


  4. i felt relaxed just looking at the photos! we've wanted a screened-in porch for YEARS. maybe soon?

  5. Oh how beautiful... Open a B&B and we'll be there.
    go for it! How often does a property like this become available?
    It's so classic!

  6. Oh my! It looks like a step back in time! It would make a lovely B&B! Love it!

  7. Oh, to dream away an afternoon there! Sipping hot tea on the porch in the early morning, swaying on a porch swing in the afternoon, grilling in the evening with family & friends. Oooooo, We'll all pray it works out for you.

  8. Anonymous5:00 PM

    How sweet -- Love how the photos you show here makes you wish you lived there your self..

  9. Makes my heart go pitty-pat, I love it! It's what you only imagine in your dreams!
    Such great bones, I could just imagine what you could do to it with all of your decorating talent!

  10. I sure can, it looks gorgeous!

  11. I could collect 3 friends to share this with, easily, and escape the "island", and share, and laugh and see people! Love it.

  12. I love cottage life! So glad I found you again....I used to be "Lady of the House" now I'm blogging under "A lovely thought". Come by and see me.
    Love, love all your pictures...made me start dreaming.
    I'm following you again.

  13. Oh yes, I could picture myself there. Beautiful.

  14. I love it, or any summer cottage for that matter! :) I adore the guest house you did too Sue, that was always one of my favs!

    Hope the winter is finding you healthy and happy!

    Hugs, Cynthia xo


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