Saturday, February 01, 2014

These are sheets I use for my wardrobe.  When faced with packing for a three month stay in Florida I turned to my sheets.  As a premise I chose to create 14 different outfits using the assumption that each item would be worn regularly and in various combinations. 
I don't have an unused sheet with me or I would provide you one to copy.  If you can't see the heading above I will try to show it to you here and you can rig up your own kind of sheet to use for your wardrobe planning if you think this is an idea that might be useful to you.
Wardrobe Work Sheet
Bottoms                 Tops                                                                                Accessories              Need
                             Shirt/Blouse      Jacket/Sweater/Vest      Jewelry/Scarf  Belt/Handbag/Shoes
Once you get the header made you can draw the boxes.  Make copies and save at least one to make more when you need them. 
To make a packing list:
  1. Have a vision of what your days will be like while you are away.
  2. Think in terms of catego
I wish I could reference where I got this useful tool from but it was so long ago that I found it that I have lost the source.  If you originated this please let me know and I thank you for making my life easier for many years.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Palm Beach Gardens Condo

We are in love with our winter rental condo. I hope you enjoy the little tour recorded here. 
Come on in and make yourself at home. 
The place is small but packs a big punch. 
The compact living room opens up to the equally compact patio. 

Moving around the space you come to the comfortable dining area. 
Beyond the dining area is the efficient little kitchen that our landlord has stocked with every imaginable amenity. 
 There are two bedrooms with their own baths and a den. 
This is bedroom # 2.
Here is the den. 
Our patio is tiny but there is a common pool area and across the street is a large downtown. 
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

How On Earth Do I Pack For Three Months In Southern Florida?

This business of being a snow bird is new to us!  What does one take? Well, here is what I have come up with so far.
This is the first of 14 outfits. My inspiration is Miss Janice  from  This is a version of an outfit she put together. 

This second one is just a Target khaki skirt and polo shirt with some pink and pearls added to the mix. I will use the pearls often.
This is adding some minty green. 

Skinny JCrew khakis with lapis jewelry and blouse.

A Burberry look. 

Aqua and coral gingham look.


Kelly green and navy.

Pale pink and aqua.

Pink and navy gingham.

Cream, coral and navy.

Pink and gray.

Strawberry Margarita!

Casual khaki and Navy.

My chic Granddaughter looking sharp, even riding in a grocery store cart, is another one of my style inspirations.
I am feeling pretty good about having assembled 14 outfits that will mix and match to cover everyday looks. Now to work on these categories :
Swimwear and gear
Exercise gear
Golf outfits and equipment
Everything for John

Public Service Announcement:  Our house will be inhabited by house sitters and large ferocious dogs while we are gone