Monday, February 19, 2007

Dana's birthday party was very nice. It was so good to see everyone. There were so many young people there that were interested in talking about God and Jesus that I stayed pretty busy. I just love all these kids and ask you, who ever might find their way to this blog, to join me in praying for these precious ones. They are searching and don't know where to look. With all the infighting that goes on in the Christian community it is hard to point them to any particular organized group. I have faith that God will guide them to where they need to be and I pray for the knowledge that I need to be of any service that he sees fit.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy birthday Dana Marie.

I was going to e-mail this to the kid's but since blogger dashboard is right here in front of me I will put it here.

IHOP's National Pancake Day

Fat Tuesday, February 20, 7am-10pm? I think it said pm, you better check for yourself if you want to go, it may have said thru 10 am


Free Pancake Day

Monday, February 05, 2007

This was on another website and I thought it was very beautiful:

My ministry is in this home
I'm keeper here; I need not roam.

My hands are busy washing pots.
I'm ironing clothes and scrubbing spots.

My service to the ones I love
Flows from the heart of God above.

Through me, His vessel in this house,
He loves my kids, He loves my spouse.

My love is glue that holds us tight.
The nest's secure both day and night.

I'm always here to dry a tear.
To rub a back or calm a fear.

My "house band" makes an iron band
Around our hearts, our house, our land.

Secure, surrounded with His care.
We frolick in the love we share.

And in this circle I'm the heart.
I pump the blood to every part.

God's love flows out from me to each.
Then rebounds back from every reach.

Let others go their dreams to build.
My place is here; I am fulfilled.

I'm loved and praised;
my heart is set.

By giving, all my needs are met.

(Written by Mrs. June Boisseleier)

©ccheedie 2001

We got home from Denver last night. If you are traveling by air any time in the near future be sure that you pack carefully. Different airports have different requirements for what you can carry on.
When we left Detroit we had no problem. They just asked that you put all liquids & gels in a plastic container with shoes, coats and so on, so they could scan them. In Denver, however, they gave us a 1 qt. size zip lock baggie per person and you had to put all your stuff into that. Be sure your toiletries fit loosely enough into the bag so you can seal it. I ended up only having to surrender my travel shampoo & conditioner. Several other people were having heated discussions with the unfortunate inspection people so be careful what you pack and put your things in a baggie before you leave home to save yourself and the airport personnel that are trying to protect us from an unpleasant situation.