Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Fall

Happy fall y'all!
I have been around reading and enjoying some of your blogs but haven't taken the time to blog myself. A lot of reasons for it but I won't boar you with them. Anyway, I'm back, decorated for fall and ready to blog away.

When I decorate seasonally there are only a few spots that I focus on. First are the centerpieces for the kitchen and dining room tables. Next come the kitchen counter tops and surrounding areas. The mantle, the space on the entertainment center, a couple of tables in the great room, and the buffet in the dining room get some fluff. A wreath on the front door and that is pretty much it.

In some of my older posts people have asked about where we store all these decorations. Each season our holidays trimmings, other than Christmas, are kept in no more than two storage bins per event. Some bins like fall are bigger than, say, the 4th of July. The bins go on the deep shelves John built in the basement when we first moved in here. There is only so much space so if I add something I have to then get rid of something else to make more room.
The collection of seasonal decorative accessories that we have are the result of years of gathering them and are pretty much edited down to the things that adorn a specific spot. Most of them have some kind of meaning to me and our family. Some are chosen for their height or shape to fill out a display. All are a delight to revisit with the changing of the seasons.
Enjoy this day that the Lord has made.
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