Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cleaning and Polishing

The past few days have been so beautiful here that I have had the urge to clean and polish like crazy. With the windows flung open to let in the crisp fresh air the job seems to go by like a breeze.

Every thing looks so much better with a good dusting. When things are clean the whole area sparkles and shines. These porcelain fruit pieces are in the kitchen that got a good scrubbing on Monday after the football party. Tuesday I took apart the living room putting the end tables and small pieces into the hall while the carpet and baseboards got a good cleaning. The upholstered pieces were cleaned, the pillows were banged together to get rid of the dust and the seat cushions were flipped over. Everything was wiped down before it went back to its resting place.

Tuesday nights John rides his bike with his biker friends so I didn't have to cook dinner. After all the cleaning during the day I settled into the fluffy clean couch with my new Charles Faudre book for an evening of bliss.

Yesterday I went looking for an entertainment center for the big TV. The one I had pictured in the post below is too small. The ones I found that I like are so $$$$. Today the search continues. Thanks for all the tips, I'm going to check them out today too.

Have a great day y'all and if you have the time tear apart a room and give it a good scrubbing and enjoy the fruits of your labor even if the rest of the house is less than polished.



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Thinking This......

I'm thinking this to house.......
Saturday morning John decided we need this. Sunday afternoon we were having a house full of guests over for a football game watching party. Not much time to rearrange the whole room around to accommodate this great big TV but we did the best we could. The Armour that held our old TV went up into the bedroom and this table from the kitchen moved into the great room to hold up the giant TV.
This morning I looked around on the Internet for entertainment centers and found the one pictured here. It was the best I could come up with to go with the rest of our furniture. So many of the other Pottery Barn type pieces are just to boxy for this spot.
So, my dear blog friends, do any of you have any pictures of entertainment centers in your files or suggestions on where to look? Though I love having a TV that has sound that I can now hear and writing that is big enough for reading, this big black box needs a nice new home.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Fall Weekend

We are settling in for a cozy fall weekend at home. Hope you all are safe and sound in your cozy homes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~ Dollar Store Towel Holder ~

Good morning. Yesterday after the cleaners and the bakery I also stopped by the dollar store for a look around. They had the cutest leaf hooks for a dollar. There were three other leaf styles too but this one caught my eye.

My friend Pam made these precious dish towels for all the ladies at the bridal luncheon that she had for Carrie last August. I thought this little dollar store hook would be a good thing to hang on the side of the cupboard to keep my favorite dish towel handy. I tried to post a link to the bridal luncheon but that didn't work. For a look at the wedding and the luncheon you can click on Kyle and Carries wedding in my side bar for the little blog that I made, in a real hurry, to get copies of the wedding pictures to them.

Kyle is coming down this afternoon to spend the night before he heads of to a golf outing tomorrow. I'm off to freshen up his room for him. It is always fun to get to spend some time with my baby. OK, my baby is going to turn 30 in three weeks, but he will always be my baby. You know how that goes......


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~ Cupcakes ~

While dropping off the cleaning at the dry cleaners I spotted a new cake shop in the strip mall. I couldn't resist stopping in to see what they had and these pretty cupcakes were just too sweet to leave behind. Up here on these cake plates, all decorated up, they might be safe from a cupcake binge. LOL

~ Fall Garden ~

Ah, what a beautiful fall day it is here after all of the rain we have had. Hope the sky's are clearing where ever you are too.

The hydrangea tree is turning to soft shades to blend into the fall landscape. Under it the lily stalks are drying and getting ready to spread their seed pod contents into the garden to get ready for next years show. The sedum is blooming its pretty shade of purple.

We haven't changed out the front planters yet because the flowers in them still have some blooms left that are just to pretty to get rid of. These wheat type blooms give them a bit of a fall edge.

Going around to the back yard it looks like we might get a second bloom of lavender which would be nice.

In the back yard the little sedum plants under the hydrangeas are perking right along.

The yew and boxwood hedges back here by the Lady At The Well fountain are getting over grown. I will leave them alone until Thanksgiving when they will provide good clippings for the centerpieces.

Some tomatoes ready for harvest.

Left over chives and some new growth of parsley.

Hum,,,,,,,,,,this was supposed to be a picture of basil.

More new growth of parsley.

Have a great day blog friends.



Monday, September 15, 2008

~ Harvest Kitchen ~

Good morning, so glad you stopped by today. The weather has finally cooled off around here and the remnants of Ike seem to have passed by. Thought I would share some fall with y'all.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

~ Harvest Mantle ~

Hi, how is everybody doing? This rain, clear up here in Michigan from the hurricane, is something else. Yesterday I drove home from up north in it and it took me forever. The drive gave me lots of time to pray for the people of Texas and the rest of the gulf coast that where hit so hard, I can't imagine.

Today it isn't raining yet but it is pretty gray out so I decided to put a few extra lights up and fluff up the mantle for the season.

While up north I picked up a new garland for fall that fit well as the base for the mantle decoration.

A little cluster of bittersweet berries gives a little height.

I really don't know why there are two of almost the same pictures...........

Here's a close up of the apple garland and the little fall black bird.

Hope you are all safe and sound and enjoying your fall decor in your snug houses since outside it sure is ugly, at least in these parts anyway.



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let Freedom Reign

Seven years ago today was probably one of the scariest days for us here in the US and today we morn those who lost their lives and honor the families that lost their loved ones and the brave fire fighters that answered their call to duty.

Seven years later we are still free and thank those who have worked hard to keep us free. Out of the ashes came a resolve to protect our freedom. The sight of our Congress people standing on the steps singing God Bless America was a random response for a frightened world that shows that we may have our squabbles like any family, but when push comes to shove we are one Unites States of America from sea to shining sea. Weather a red state or a blue state we are still, seven years after terrorist's tried to scare us into paralysis, a free United States of America.

For all of you around the world, we thank you for your prayers for us during that difficult time and we appreciate your support. Let freedom reign around the world.

God bless,


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Kitchen Dressed For Fall

' Hi, come on in, says the scarecrow that greets you at the back door. Our kitchen is almost ready for fall.

We still need some fresh mums and a few pumpkins to decorate the center island a bit.

We wish you were here with us so we could share some fresh tomatoes from the garden with you.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to our fall kitchen. As the season progresses we will add more of the harvest and some baked goods to share with you.



Finally Feeling Fall

It finally feels a bit like fall here today. After posting all the pink yesterday I thought I better move on. LOL

Here is the fall decorating progress. First everything comes off the top of the cupboards and counter tops and gets piled on the kitchen table. I wish I could tell you that everything gets washed off before putting it away for the season but it doesn't. But, so you don't think I'm a complete slob, the counter tops do get a good scrubbing ;)

Here is the almost bare kitchen getting ready for the fall decorations.

Starting at the top and working my way down seems to work best. Our little scarecrow lady lost an arm somehow while in storage but with a bit of a tilt she is good to go.

Some leaf plates over the pantry door and a couple of pumpkin dish towels brighten this corner.
Hope that where ever you are you are enjoying this day as much as we are here. Stop by for a visit, but please excuse the mess. I know you will understand.



Monday, September 08, 2008


Thanks for the input Ladies. I was thinking the same thing.

Busy day around here but I keep coming back to the computer between projects.

Help Needed With Picture Hanging

Hi Ladies. Quick question, do you like the way the single picture looks on the left, the way the picture and sconce look on the right, or do you have another suggestion?

Oh, Dana posted some better Spec house pictures on her blog if you want to take a look. Don't forget to come back and help me decide on the picture hanging if you would please.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Spec House Pictures

Here are a couple pictures of the spec house interior. They are less than great photos taken from the Real Estate listing website. Dana was in the house last week fluffing it up for the meeting and I think she took pictures that, if she had time to take, will be a much better representation.

This is a closeup of a pretty section of the exterior of the house.

Hope you all had a good weekend. Will talk to you tomorrow.



Bucks Run Spec House

Good morning. Yesterday was our annual meeting for our family business. The meeting room at Buck's Run, where we usually have our meetings was occupied so we had the meeting at one of the spec houses that are available for sale. It was a gorgeous day and the view of the river with the golf course right on the other side of it was so beautiful. I was wishing that I had brought my camera so I could take pictures to share with all of you but, of course I forgot it.

This picture is from the Real Estate listing that I found on the Internet of the spec house, so I thought I would share it. I have to get ready for church but later I'll surf around and try and find some pictures of the interior, I think you will like them.

Have a blessed Sunday all my blog friends.