Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let Freedom Reign

Seven years ago today was probably one of the scariest days for us here in the US and today we morn those who lost their lives and honor the families that lost their loved ones and the brave fire fighters that answered their call to duty.

Seven years later we are still free and thank those who have worked hard to keep us free. Out of the ashes came a resolve to protect our freedom. The sight of our Congress people standing on the steps singing God Bless America was a random response for a frightened world that shows that we may have our squabbles like any family, but when push comes to shove we are one Unites States of America from sea to shining sea. Weather a red state or a blue state we are still, seven years after terrorist's tried to scare us into paralysis, a free United States of America.

For all of you around the world, we thank you for your prayers for us during that difficult time and we appreciate your support. Let freedom reign around the world.

God bless,



  1. We'll never forget !

  2. What a terrible day that was... made easier by you when you invited me over right away and then cooked and fed us throughout that awful time... God Bless you and God Bless America and all those protecting us. Sheryl

  3. Thanks for this thoughtful post, Sue.

  4. Sue,
    A day that will live in was like a nightmare we hoped to wake up was a nightmare but we didn't wake up...

    The American spirit is still undaunted .....thank God for His mercy and grace......Betty

  5. Merci pour ton commentaire sur le blog d'Alkemie.
    J'ai prie un grand plaisir à visiter ton site et découvrir un intérieur Américain.


  6. Thank you for the lovely thoughts.

  7. Sue,

    Beautifully said.

    We will never forget.


  8. God bless America and God bless you.


  9. Beautiful picture.

  10. Bravo America! For surviving and rebuilding after this tragic event. September 11 was a most horrifying day. In far away countries like Australia we watched in stunned silence and wondered how the American people could ever cope with so much tragedy and uncertainty. But you stayed brave, buried your loved ones and fought the enemy with tenacity. We all feel braver and safer now.
    God bless America.

  11. A wonderful tribute...thank you for it.
    We must all, all of us as a human family, never forget.


  12. How can anyone forget that horrible day... so many bad things happens in the beautiful world... we need our Saviour to come.... we're tired of this world...

    May the morning light feed your heart and guide your life...


  13. I appreciated reading your post and I never want these tender emotions that rise in my heart to stop, as I remember that terrible day in history!
    Thanks for thanking all those around the world who prayed for us and stood by us during this time,


  14. Thank you for checking in on my (new)updates about Don's recovery...I think he looks so handsome and healthy

    Enjoy the change of seasons dear friend!

    Love your man!!!


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