Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~ Fall Garden ~

Ah, what a beautiful fall day it is here after all of the rain we have had. Hope the sky's are clearing where ever you are too.

The hydrangea tree is turning to soft shades to blend into the fall landscape. Under it the lily stalks are drying and getting ready to spread their seed pod contents into the garden to get ready for next years show. The sedum is blooming its pretty shade of purple.

We haven't changed out the front planters yet because the flowers in them still have some blooms left that are just to pretty to get rid of. These wheat type blooms give them a bit of a fall edge.

Going around to the back yard it looks like we might get a second bloom of lavender which would be nice.

In the back yard the little sedum plants under the hydrangeas are perking right along.

The yew and boxwood hedges back here by the Lady At The Well fountain are getting over grown. I will leave them alone until Thanksgiving when they will provide good clippings for the centerpieces.

Some tomatoes ready for harvest.

Left over chives and some new growth of parsley.

Hum,,,,,,,,,,this was supposed to be a picture of basil.

More new growth of parsley.

Have a great day blog friends.




  1. Hey, Sue. I hope you do get a little more lavender, how pretty. I really like the winding path to the backyard. I see ideas to inspire. Thanks for the another lovely tour!

    Our mornings here have been a bit overcast. It's cooling down in the evenings considerably. Time to snuggle up with hot cocoa again.

  2. So pretty Sue, I still have a lot of work to do on my yard, that hydranga tree is beautiful!

  3. Delicious looking cupcakes and beautiful flowers - but I must tell you that the Lady at the Well is awesome. I hope that sometime between now and next spring I can find one for my garden!

  4. Your fall garden looks beautiful Sue! You must be pleased to see new growth in your herb garden this late in the season. What a blessing!

  5. Sue,
    Gosh, what a treat to see your beautiful flowers, foliage...I wish we could grow Lavender down in the south. I have one but it just sits there...not dying...not growing....

    I like your dish towel hanger and the cupcakes are small works of art....

  6. Everything looks so beautiful Sue. I especially love the little sedum plants, how pretty!


  7. I must be doing it wrong...because my fall garden just looks "dead". I love how yours just looks as if it's in transition!


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