Monday, February 05, 2007

We got home from Denver last night. If you are traveling by air any time in the near future be sure that you pack carefully. Different airports have different requirements for what you can carry on.
When we left Detroit we had no problem. They just asked that you put all liquids & gels in a plastic container with shoes, coats and so on, so they could scan them. In Denver, however, they gave us a 1 qt. size zip lock baggie per person and you had to put all your stuff into that. Be sure your toiletries fit loosely enough into the bag so you can seal it. I ended up only having to surrender my travel shampoo & conditioner. Several other people were having heated discussions with the unfortunate inspection people so be careful what you pack and put your things in a baggie before you leave home to save yourself and the airport personnel that are trying to protect us from an unpleasant situation.


  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Thanks for the info - will definitely pack light. How many baggies can I have? sheryl

  2. You get 1 per person.


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