Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Basket Prep

We use the same baskets year after year for our nine grandchildren, but four of the baskets are missing this year. OK, who took their baskets home last year? Hehe. The twins and their brother and sister won't be with us this year so we combined the missing four baskets into one that we will deliver to them tonight so the problem of the missing baskets is solved for this year.

Grampa G went with me this year to get Easter basket goodies. Predictably, the baskets this year will be filled only with candy. Parents B E W A R E ! I tried, I really did, to add the usual non-sugary treats like usual but Grampa won so good luck with the kids bouncing off the walls Easter morning ;)

Thankfully they won't get their baskets until after church, a dose of healthy food at brunch, and the Easter egg hunt at Grampa-Great's.

I hope all your Easter prep's are going well if you are preparing for this holiest of days for Christians around the world.

Blessings and much love.


  1. OMG You are the Easter bunny! It sounds like the perfect Easter! xx

  2. Putting together so many baskets must be a little daunting, but a lot of fun. I'm a little behind this year...I guess I know how Saturday will be spent. Have a wonderful Easter with your family.


  3. Pretty baskets and the goodies look delicious! Happy Easter!!

  4. Have fun...I SO SO SO miss those days and wish I had someone to make up baskets for!! MY 15 year old is too old....too bad, oh well.....Enjoy and Happy Easter!!

  5. So fun for your grandchildren Sue!! I know they will enjoy the day tremendously!

    Happy Easter!!

    Art by Karena

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  6. Everything looks great.

  7. Oh your baskets are so pretty -- I know the grands must have loved what the Easter Bunny brought.


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