Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back At It

Have you ever been on WeightWatchers? Ever since the birth of my second child when ever I needed to take off a few pounds WeightWatchers has been the only way that guaranteed me any maintainable success.

Other weight loss programs have lured me in with their quick loss tempting lingo (Atkins, South Beach, Mayo Clinic 3 day diet), their lifestyle changing promise (Mediterranean, French Women Don't Get Fat), or their strictly defined, buy this, cook this, eat this, and lose weight, easy directions (Saving Dinner) are examples. All of these have merit but I have never been able to maintain any of them long enough to get me back to the weight that is healthy and comfortable for me personally.

So, while I have started and failed miserably at WW's more times than I can count, I am giving it a go again. They have a new method of tracking the food you eat so that will take some effort to get used to but I am committed to it. The reappearance of cute Lilly Shifts in my closet, the up-coming pool season around the corner, and my Lilly two-pieces bathing suits coming out of winter storage will be reminders that it is time to get serious.


  1. My daughter is on it right now and having success with it!
    Wishing you great results!

  2. I have a friend who lost 100 lbs on ww, and has kept it off becuase she continues to live by their rules. She has one cheat day a week. Best wishes!

  3. Good luck with WW Sue. I am also following the plan right now. It is the most reliable and sensible plan for me too.


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