Thursday, April 14, 2011


On the way home from up north earlier this week the usual stop at the Ralph Lauren Outlet provided several needful items. Some things for the house, a few fresh Polo shirts for John, and a cheap alternative to one of the blouses I lost on the plane on the way to Las Vegas last month rounded out my shopping list.

The beautiful weather we had yesterday encouraged me to throw open the windows and get organized. When ever I am away, even for just a couple of days, it seems like the house is a mess when I return. Anyway, I unpacked and started the laundry first thing yesterday morning. By noon I was ready to wash our new sheets that we desperately needed. Even though I love old broken-in sheets it was a delight to climb into bed after a busy day and to fall asleep on the new, freshly laundered sheets.

On another note, my first day of WeightWatchers was a success. I felt like I was eating all day but I managed to stay within my points range and fulfilled all of the nutritional requirements. After a trip to the grocery store I calculated and marked the products that I use most regularly with their point values. I am thinking this will help me get used to the new PointsPlus system that WWs is using now. So, one day down and 160 days to go. Wish me luck!


  1. I spy the pink sheets you are loving...great finds! I have an obsession with Gucci flats! xx

  2. Sue...wishing you the best with Weight Watchers! I have some friends that are on that and they are doing really well and the recipes they were telling me about sound so very good!


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