Monday, April 11, 2011


Happy Birthday Uncle Bill!

One of my favorite Uncles turned ninety last week and he gathered about seventy five of his friends and his family to celebrate on Sunday. He and his beautiful wife, who is two years older than he is, stood and greeted guests for more than and hour as the party got underway. He gave an inspiring speech in his strong loud voice thanking everyone for coming and kicking off the celebration. His strength and elegance gives credence to the statement....

Ninety is the new seventy!

Hopefully the weather on the east coast today will cooperate so our daughter-in-law can make it home today after spending an unintended night in Queens when a canceled flight left he stranded there overnight.
Our little peacemaker, Blake, receives his Peacemaker Award tonight. In our large rowdy family he is the peacemaker among the grandchildren. I guess that role has translated well into society too. Good for you Blake.

Congratulations to all the little peacemakers receiving the award tonight. Lord knows we need you all!


  1. Oh that is great..90 years and so strong...I hope I Will be 2.. First timeat your side..and Im curius about your Home..saw some pictures at the side...i Will comeback back and have à 2 look, have à lovely day// Marie

  2. Happy Birthday to your uncle! Congratulations to Blake on his award! Bless all the peacemakers in this world.
    Have a good week!


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