Friday, April 15, 2011


At the top of my wish list is a charm bracelet. After consulting Tracey Zabar's book for ideas I have found The One!

This recent purchase at the Tiffany in Las Vegas to commemorate John's jackpot win has precipitated moving a new charm bracelet to the top of my list.

At a 6mm width, with a pretty end piece, and an insignificant clasp, this bracelet (also available in a length that works for me) meets the "Charmed Bracelets" requirements suggested by Tracey.

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  1. I LOVE charm bracelets.....they are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry....I have one that I have owned for years and my favorite charm is a monogram charm that my hubby bought for me a few years it because every charm has a meaning or a story behind it. Thanks for stopping by!


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