Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Lost Shirts

I have a routine when traveling from our house north that, most times, includes a stop at the outlet mall in Birch Run, MI. The stop includes two stores, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers. If I leave the house close to 9:00 a.m. it puts me at the mall for the store openings at 10:00 a.m. so I do not have to fight the crowds. It is usually a quick stop to pick up something for the grandchildren or to replace a worn out OCBD.

On our way to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago I made an unusual stop at the Brooks Brothers at Metro Airport because we arrived early for our flight. They had two interesting shirts that I could not resist so I bought them. The shirts were a medium wide stripe, one in pink and white, and the other in blue and white stripe. They also both had a double collar, one in the stripe, and the lower one, along with the cuffs, was in white.

I had packed for the trip in a hurry without much thought and felt like the addition of these two shirts would round out what I had packed. Well, unfortunately, I left them in the bag under the seat on the airplane so that did not work out too well. So far I have still not been able to retrieve them from Delta Airlines. I am sick about it because they were such cute shirts. This morning I could not find photos online anywhere to show you. Hopefully, mine will show up but if they don't, I am even considering repurchasing them, (they were that cute), if they are even available somewhere.

Sadly, on Saturday while shopping with the family at our town center, Partridge Creek, to check to see if the BB there had any of the missing shirts, I found out that our BB had closed! I felt bad, but was not surprised. Bad because I had not supported our local store more, but not surprised because you can get so much at the outlet shops for so much less than at the brick and mortar ones.

I like BB and get many shirts that are monogrammed for the boys there but often order them online. From now on I am planning on ordering them from the BB at Somerset in an attempt at keeping them in business. I realize that one person can not keep a shop in business but at least I can try. The people that work at the Somerset store are very professional, helpful, and creative so I hope they they keep that store open.


  1. Oh no, what a bummer! Maybe the airline has them in lost & found? Love stopping at Birch Run. Although I remember the days when West Branch was the place to stop, lol!

    BB's is a few blocks away from my house in Grosse Pointe, super convenient! Have you checked w/the store in GP?

  2. It is sad to see so many of our local stores closing! And I feel awful about your shirts! I know you were sick about it! Surely the airline has a lost and found department. Stay on them ...hopefully they will turn up. I'll keep my fingers crossed.:)

  3. I'm not familiar with that store but I was at Birch Run in July. Love it there! My family has a lake house near Cadillac and they always stop there when traveling up north.
    So sorry about your lost shirts.
    A few years ago Delta lost one of our suit cases and we never got it back.
    They reimbursed us the cost but that could not replace special items we bought on our anniversary trip.
    Have a good week!

  4. Hope your lost shirts are found, I know how frustrating that can be!

  5. I thought I left a comment about your shirts but evidently I didn't....

    They may turn up in Scottsboro, AL at 'Unclaimed Baggage' where things left on planes eventually end up. We've been a few times when we are in the area. It's been featured on 'Ophrah'. Amazing the things left on planes....


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