Monday, November 12, 2007

Indoor Gardening

The Window Garden
From left to right is my flat leaf parsley plant that I use in cooking. The little plants are from the grocery store and planted in the blue & white cache pot from the resale shop up north last summer. The next one is my philodendron cuttings set in water so they will root. They are in a little pink glass from Anthropology's and when they sprout their new roots I'll transplant them into something else. Up next is an outdoor geranium in a little ruffled blue & white cache pot that just keeps perking along. The green pitcher is where I keep my dish scrubbing brush but I took it out for the picture ;) Next to it is a bundle of tiny pinks (carnations) that I picked up last Monday that gets shuffled around and picked apart to use other places. Behind the pinks in the same vase is a small branch I found outside that had berries and leaves on it that I thought was so pretty. I brought it in and stuck it in the water along with the pinks. Well, what I found out is that the leaves fall off leaving just the berries. I'm so excited to know this, it doesn't take much to excite me. One of these days soon I'll go out in the yard and cut more branches that might have berries on them to use for holiday arrangements.
Never a fan of carnations, the pleasure this little bouquet has brought me is surprising. The ruffled edges of each petal is so intricate and adorable. The staying power of these work horses can not be over stated, they look as fresh as the day they came home last Monday and the price is very reasonable. In my sage green twist vase they grace this end table with simple beauty beside the needlepoint coasters.
Hopefully I can keep this little collection of violets and what ever that yellow thing is going in the living room. The sun this room gets should be good for the violets if I can figure out how much water they require before I kill them off. This pot doesn't have a drainage hole and I forgot to ask for the plants to be put in a separate liner, they may need transplanting.
The white roses in this centerpiece are fading but the larkspur and carnations are still OK after a week on the dining room table.
Absolutely Beautiful Things had a picture on her blog that inspired this arrangement in my foyer. Her picture was on a crisp white surface and had pretty white shells and petals in the glass footed dish creating a pretty vignette. When I saw her photo it inspired me to go collect the items from around the house that were similar to the ones in her shot, the pink votive candle from the Pottery Barn outlet, the Aromatique's glass dish and the Lady Primrose like silver topped rose bottles, and make a little table scape. The ABT photo had gorgeous Star Gazer lily's in the little vase but my budget alternative was to use a few sprigs of my pinks bouquet from the window garden and put them in one of the hob nail vases from Kyle & Carrie's rehearsal dinner with strips of tape creating a tiny grid to make the blooms go farther. Although no where near the quality or crisp beauty of the ABT vignette this one adds that little bit of cluttered beauty, that I can't seem to get away from, to the foyer.

Hope you enjoyed this indoor garden tour.


  1. We are way too much alike...

  2. Hi Sue.... I love your parsley plant on the window sill... not only it serves you well when cooking, but it also give your kitchen a lovely romantic look. Thank you so much for stopping by my "house in the roses"; I hope to see you there again soon.



  3. I loved the tour around your indoor gardens! Love the cache pots you have your herbs and geraniums in!

  4. Oh how pretty! Pretty pretty pretty!



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