Saturday, November 03, 2007

FlyLady Control Journal

Here is the notebook that I have housed my Control Journal in for years and my copy of Marla Cilley's book Sink Reflections.
If you click on this picture you can probably see the sections.
These are my really old cards that I used for more than 20 years before FlyLady came into my life. Pretty simple system that worked for me as a young Mom. Some of the daily cards had to be replaced over the years when they got used for scrap paper by the kids or chewed up by the dog. I love the Friday card where Kyle left me a note saying that he was staying at Alex's again.

John is working today so I plan to tweak my routines a bit and will post them later. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. So glad I read this first thing on mon. morning - the inspiration I need to get my cleaning organized. I've always enjoyed her decluttering routines! Time to do it again...

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Very pretty notebook. I was a FlyBaby for awhile, and I still use many of her techniques, including the Control Journal, but I use the pretty pages from Alison's Brocante Home site. Those old cards remind me of the ones I used to use and came up with after reading one of Emilie Barnes' books years and years ago.

  3. I too used that card system from Sidetracked Home Executives and Emilie Barnes! How I loved having everything all organized like that! Lately I have been fed up with trying to keep up so I've gone on strike from my lists and systems, but I am sure I will return to them at some point, after I get out of my rebellious phase of just wanting to have fun! (my midlife crisis!)

    Routines are so important, even though I joke about shredding my to do lists, without routines life would be so chaotic!


  4. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I LOVE flylady. I found the book a few years ago and used bits and pieces of it. Within the past year, I began to follow it while preparing to move. My house is cleaner than EVER, even with two preschool boys running rampant. My husband is amazed with how clean I am able to keep the house.
    A neighbor rang the doorbell a few days ago and I was able to invite her in because the house wasn't wrecked. She said, I can't believe you have kids. How do you do it? Flylady.
    PS, I love your blog! I have had so much fun going through all your wonderful posts.


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