Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Clean Dining Room

Well the house is finally put back together after Thanksgiving and I'm having trouble motivating myself to start dragging out the Christmas decorations. John will probably start putting the tree together the first of next week. It is an old artificial tree that you have to put each branch into the center stem and it takes forever to assemble. Then he puts the lights on and does a beautiful job of it taking the time to wrap hundreds of colored lights around all those branches.

It would be nice to have a fresh tree but John has a particular fondness for this old tree so that is the tree we use. Last year I came up with the solution to the fact that our great room is 20' high and the tree is 7' tall. John says the tree is 9' tall and I'm not positive about exactly how tall it is but it is too small for the room. We tried putting it on a table but when we started decorating it the ornaments on the front of the tree made it tip over. So, my solution was to make a huge tall tree topper out of red glitter sticks, bows and ribbons galore. Not perfect but it settles the to small issue for me.

I do not know if it is the winter light or what. My pictures are not coming out very crisp. Sorry for the fuzzy dining room corner picture but I did want to pop in and say hi, and I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I found that by looking at hauling all the Christmas decor out of the basement as my aerobic workout for the day(and the thought of all those calories burned), it helped give me incentive... I am now about halfway done, finding myself in the stage of having many objects of everyday decor awaiting being boxed up, along with the Christmas decor that has been displayed, oh and those lovely plastic bins sitting around with decor yet to be put up! Guess I'd better get busy!! Tis not a Christmas wonderland here yet!!!

  2. Your dining room is just lovely! I am cleaning and decorating a little at a time. It has been a busy week so no huge blocks of time to do it all at once!
    Easier for me this way.

    I look forward to seeing your home all dressed up!


  3. Hi Sue, I know what you mean about getting on with the Christmas decorations. I am going to make a start tomorrow and get them onto the tree. Meant to last week but just ran out of time!

  4. Sue,

    Your dining room looks so beautiful! I spent the day decorating for Christmas, now all that's left is another trip to the plant place for more ivies and white flowering plants, and the very top layer of our tree, which my husband has to do!

    Hope you have a wonderful time decorating!


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