Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

After I set up this place setting to use as a Thanksgiving post this morning I realized that most everything in this place setting has been given as gifts from sweet friends or family. For years my Mom gave me a couple stems of Waterford's Lismore goblets in red & white wine sizes. Sheryl, our matron of honor, gave us the Waterford Champagne flute for our first toast at our wedding. The Mottahedeh Chelsea Bird plate was a gift from Sarah & Suzi. The white Wedding Band plates and salt cellars are part of the box of treasures Maurine got me for Christmas a few years ago. The gold silverware is a set that John's Mom got us for a wedding present. We are certainly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives that have been so generous over the years.
Here is a picture of what we will actually be eating off for our Thanksgiving feast. After the first couple of years as a part of this big Italian family I gave up the fine china for paper plates, not just any paper though, Chinet.......and this year we have even added desert plates.

Hope everyone here is the US is not wearing their self out too much getting ready for the big feast. Happy Thanksgiving to all that will be celebrating tomorrow.


  1. Other than the giraffe in the hallway and the smell of dead rodents in the air (oh, wait...maybe that was the giraffe!), I'm not even stressed out one bit. I have a lot to do, but somehow it all comes together anyways!

    Love that bird plate, but Chinet plates are a breeze when it comes to cleanup time! LOL!

    Happy Thankgiving,

  2. Lovely setting but I'm sure everything will taste as good on Chinet!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi... you are so right... I think the most important thing is love, family and friends... not a pretty table or excessive work.... sometimes simple is best.

    You have the happiest Thanksgiving with yours...

    Come visit me at my house in the roses...


  4. That is a lovely place setting! and we, too, eat off paper plates now as we are having dinner at my father's. It is all about who you are with, isn't it? :)

    I hope that you have a wonderful holiday!


  5. Wow! That was a beautiful setting! I love the bird plate...

    Ah, yes! Chinette!! Perfect for large gatherings!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving-and what a fab idea of yours!xx

  7. I love the paper plates!! How smart are you??!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


  8. Anonymous12:25 PM


    I came to your blog via Rhoda @ Southern this is my first time by. What a nice blog, I will be sure to visit again !!!

    Have a nice day.
    Kathy :)

  9. Your table setting is gorgeous! But oh how I understand the beauty of Chinet! Especially for large boisterous families! : )


  10. mrs. jules10:10 PM

    Hi Sue,

    I just stumbled upon your lovely blog and this beautiful place setting. I love the placemat!

    Hope you'll come visit us at I am a working wife and mother who is new to blogging and am quite excited to meet others with similar interests. Would you add us to your roll?

    -mrs. jules


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