Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clean Cutting Board For Cookie Day

Early this morning while waiting for the second pot of coffee to brew I noticed the smell of garlic coming from the dishwasher........yuck! The remnants of Monday nights roast beef dinner had been finished off, and even though rinsed well, the cutting board still had the scent of the garlic that had been chopped on it. I scrubbed the offender with lemon until the smell was gone. No more garlic smell, at least for the rest of the morning.

No sauce making today because this Sunday is, what we call, cookie day. We will make the sauce Saturday and put it in the garage to cure until brought into service Sunday. There will be a kitchen full of Italian cousins, a few friends and Dana & Blake forming assembly line stations all over the place. We will make around 1,500 Italian Christmas cookies that no one can remember the name of. We have been told what they are but never seem to pitiful.

Every family brings 2 bundles of the cookie dough that they make at home. The dough is rolled into long strips and filled with almond paste then cut on the diagonal making little cookies. When finished cooking they are spread on the table to cool then the newbies dip them in frosting, then chopped walnuts and set them out to dry. If any one knows the name of these cookies please let me know. Maybe if it is in writing I will be able to remember what they are.........

After all the cookies are made and divided among the bakers we do a quick clean up them pull all the tables into the center of the kitchen for a feast of rigatoni with meat sauce that includes meat balls, ribs & sausage for this special occasion. We get fresh bread from Randazzo and the cousins bring the ingredients for the antipasto .


  1. Sounds like a really fun and special day!

  2. Yummy! I want to come visit! The cookies sound great and the rigatoni sounds scrumptious! What a wonderful family event.

  3. What fun! Such a nice way for everyone to bond.... I only know those cookies as Almond Cresents, but I'm sure there is a more clever name.... Have fun!

  4. Hi,
    I think I have visited here before, but have lost touch. The cookie bake and the rigatoni sound ever so delicious. I even clicked on the market, just to figure out where you are. Butter for $1.89, such a deal and the soups look "to die for". Maybe it is time for lunch. I will be back soon. Please come and visit me.

  5. What a fantastic tradition and the cookies sound delicious.


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