Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Deluttered Dining Room Mini Tour

This room is hard to get a clear picture in because of the light that shines in here but I gave it my best shot and I hope you enjoy the little tour. The picture in the middle is from my cottage, the little bow hook above it extends the boundaries of the grouping a bit which I thought it needed. The sepia toned prints on either side of the main picture are matted in a very pale blue gray that helps lighten up the grouping. The frames are very chippy so I touched them up with some gold paint that I found in the basement, far from perfect. The two little asymmetrical prints on top are old, the one on the left of the girl holding the kitty was from the previous owners of my old house that was left behind by the Dr. that was going into a nursing home and his family didn't want many of his and his wife, who preceded him in deaths, possessions. Very sad but a good reminder to not get too attached to our worldly possessions. Any way, I have kept this sweet picture for years and am happy to be able to have her finally seeing the light of day again.

The white fresh flowers were chosen to lighten the room. With the intensity of the wall color in this room it needs plenty of white. Crystal seemed fitting with the lighter more classic look that seemed to develop as I was rearranging. The crystal lights on the buffet, that are also old pieces that I had rewired years ago, complement the chandelier and the addition of my favorite crystal vase and a bowl, that Mom got me for Christmas years ago, bring some sparkle to the room.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour and thanks for stopping by.


  1. As you know I'm a fan of blue and I just love the wall color and the great woodwork. The gold frames just pop with the combination. Also the chandelier is so lovely. I really miss the one I left in California. Good Work!

  2. I love the new fresh look! I can't wait to see more changes. Love, Carrie


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