Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Linens and Things

This morning I decided to organize my table linens and discovered that many of my tablecloths don't even have a table to cover in this house any more. Hum? Let's see, there is the round blue one that goes to the table that Dana has now, better save that for her. Then there is the plastic outdoor blue & white checked round one that went on the round outdoor table that is in the basement waiting to be resurrected at someones cottage one of these days.
Does this happen to any one else or have I really turned into a pack rat? You would think I would pass them on and I really do give away a lot of things that I don't use but for some reason there are categories of items that just stay with me.

Guess that needs some pondering. For now though my linens are nicely organized and accessible, ready to be put to good use. Have you organized your table linens lately?

Photos above are from Very Fine Linens & emsheart via google image search.


  1. Actually yes, they are always organized because I never use them...It is so much work to starch and iron everything they are usually left on the hanger. Terrible aren't I?


  2. Mine have a more shabby chic look to them. The one I put on my table today was a wrinkled mess. When I saw your beautiful table setting the thought crossed my mind to iron it, but it quickly passed ;) Most of my linens are assorted place mats and napkins that don't need ironing if I get them out of the dryer on time....

  3. Before I could respond I had to dash upstairs and iron my fall table runner! Now that I've got it in place I can blog some more without it nagging at me. You know me and my table linens - one lace table cloth is over the guest room headboard, one on the ottoman in my bdrm., one cut and remaid into a crib-skirt....hmmmm, at the moment none are on tables! (except of course for the aforementioned runner:) )

  4. I read Heather's comment first and, yes, her closet (and all her closets) would be organized. Nothing to fall on you when you open the door. Probably arranged by color or some other feature. Then there is her mother. Open at your own risk!

  5. You are so funny! Yes I do know you and your beautiful table linens. I especially like the one covering the headboard of "my" bed ;)
    Any plans for homecoming? John has business up there so it seems we are coming. What time is the parade gig at Cindy's? I'll call you in a minute.


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