Monday, September 24, 2007

Arcadia Bluffs

It has been a busy week here. Jury Duty turned out to be no big deal once I found my way to the court house, in fact, I never got selected to serve on a case and met a couple of lovely ladies that I shared the beautiful sunny day with. We had an hour and a half lunch break so we walked around Mt. Clemens and had lunch at a charming restaurant that had outdoor dining. The rest of the day we spent swapping recipes and telling each other about our daily life. I got the address and phone number of one of the ladies because she does alterations, but unfortunately I didn't get the others information. She was a factory worker for General Motors and was telling us about her schedule of working 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. As you may have heard on the news General Motors today decided to go on strike. I so wish that I had gotten her name so I could contact her to offer her my wishes of a speedy resolution to the situation. This is a very difficult time here in south eastern Michigan for so many people.
On a more pleasant note, last weekend, as I mentioned before, we went up north to see our girl friends newly remodeled cottage. My computer crashed last week and is in the shop being fixed so I'm using my old computer that won't let me upload my pictures, but to my pleasant surprise Sheryl at has written a couple of posts about the weekend that tell the tale, well most of it any way ;) She graciously omitted some of the events.
Above is a picture of the club house at Arcadia Bluffs where we had dinner Saturday night. You have to see the picture that Sheryl took of the bagpipe player with the sun setting behind him, amazing.


  1. Oh, I have been waiting to see the cottage - I am headed over to see them now. I'm glad jury duty was no big deal.

  2. What a fun time! Such a beautiful spot. So sorry about the computer, It's hard to remember when we didn't spend hours a day with one! I lost my credit card and can't order anything online. I just feel kind of frustrated. Hopefully the new one will come soon. I should have made them overnight it! Glad you're back, we really missed you.


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