Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yesterday we went down to the Eastern Market in Detroit for pre-Flower Day. We sort of expected to see more unusual variaties of flowers but found that not to be the case. The flowers that they did have were very well priced so I picked up these 5 pots full of pink geraniums and a tray of trailing needlepoint ivy. My plan is to tear the pots apart and use the individual plants to fill my containers out front, 2 window boxes and my 5 urns in the back. There seems to be about 6 individual geraniums in each of the pots which brings the cost of each plant down to less than $1 which is a really good deal. There are also Lobelia and other small green plants that hopefully will fill in the rest of the space in my containers.

Last night I prepared the soil in the urns and pots so today I'll start ripping and planting, we'll see how it goes.


  1. How creative you are...when it comes to gardening I'm always stumped on what to plant & how to make it look nice...your such an inspiration. Toni

  2. I find that hard to believe, you are such a talented artist. Just stick with the basics and make your garden like one of your beautiful rugs ;)

  3. Beautiful plants, I'll be looking forward to seeing them all planted. That's what I did today, but ran out of plants...again. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know which title you liked best.

  4. Thanks Donna for stopping by. I never did get around to planting today, hopefully tomorrow I can get to it.

  5. Hi Sue:) Just read your comments on my blog email me at

    don't forget to tell me what you would love to see as your masthead;) your place is lovely, I've already got a few ideas;) and thank you again!

  6. You picked up some real pretty flowers there. I see you like blue and white too. It's fun to go out yardsaling for things you love. You should try it!

  7. Hi Debra, thanks for coming by. I've been a junktique, auction, yardsale, curbside picker upper for many, many years. I still like to go occasionally if I'm looking for something specific like my most recent quest to replace my Victoria Magazine collection that I foolishly got rid of in my last move. There were a few stray ones available so I picked those up for good prices.
    Eventually I ended up buying my three favorite years, '91-'93, from a wonderful seller on e-bay. I am so excited to hear that Victoria is going to resume publication after being discontinued for the last 4 years. I love seeing the great bargins that so many of you bloggers find and cleverly incorporate into your lovely homes. It's fun to find like minded people her in blog land that realize that it's not how much money you have, but how you use what you do have to create a beautiful comfy home for your family.

  8. Madeline, Thank you for the reply. I'll e-mail you in a bit. I love your mastheads and wish you luck in your potential new venture. Sue


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