Friday, May 25, 2007

Bunnies for Toni ;)

Toni is great at spotting bunnie's around my house. She is also a gifted crafter. If you like bunnies like I do, or even just appreciate seeing good works of art, click on over to her blog at and take a look at the rabbit rug that she created. Be sure to comeback her for a visit though.
Thank you to everyone that has been leaving comments, I really enjoy hearing from all of you and then visiting your amazing blogs. Please, if you come by, leave even a quick comment, I try to respond and enjoy meeting all of you.


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    oh my goodness your blog is sooo cute. I love the tracey porter lighting and I think it is great inspiration for your new master bedroom.

  2. OH!!!....I am just speechless (my jaw has dropped, my hands are shaking and my heart is pounding so fast!)...those are a BEAUTIFUL pair!...they should be locked up inside a glass case! :)...thank you, thank you for sharing!...and thank you so much for the blurb about me, I so love it! are a sweetie...have a wonderful weekend, I myself am leaving for San Franciso for the weekend, so chat when I get back. Blessings, Toni

  3. What a beautiful pair of bunnies! Absolutely stunning, and a treat to see!


  4. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words Andrea & anonymous. This is my first anonymous comment, well, except for sweet Sheryl that I can usually determine, and it makes me so curious to know who it is. How silly, does anyone else feel like that?
    And Toni, you are sooooo funny. Maybe I should shut the window that is open behind the bunnies so that if a gust of wind happens by my guy's won't get broken. Thanks for the heads up and have a great weekend in SanFrancisco, I was there years ago and would love to go back, spend some time there then head up to adorable Carmel By The Sea and shack up in one of those cute little cottages they have there. Not much chance of that though which is fine....We are heading out this weekend on our Harley up north which should be fun too.

  5. Sue, just wanted to say hi & thanks for stopping by to see me! I love bunnies, so will be back to see what this is all about. Hope you'll come back & visit soon.

    Southern Hospitality

  6. Kristie LaLonde9:11 PM

    OOOH! I just found your blog, it has the most beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  7. Thanks for coming by Rhonda and Kristie. Rhonda I linked to you in one of my post's, hope that's alright with you. Your are one of my must reads every day. Glad you are home from the beach, your pictures are inspiring.
    Kristie, I'm appreciate your kind words, please come by again soon. Do you have a blog? Sometimes comments don't include links for one reason or another. Just inquiring because I enjoy visiting others sites.
    Dana called and said that my anonymous comment was from her ;) She was having trouble logging on. This happens with me when I try to leave comments occasionally too on some blogs. Blogger can be tempermental I guess.


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