Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Lidy at did a post yesterday about lavender with a beautiful picture of a lavender field that must be in France. She gave a description of how to harvest it that is most informative. If you grow this pretty plant you may want to click over there and check it out.
My youngest son is getting married this August and she has given me a cute idea for the out-of-town guest baskets that I hope to put together. My lavender should be in bloom and ready for harvest the end of June. I am the most uncrafty person, but I can tie a pretty bow, so I will dry the lavender and tie it in bundles with some French wire ribbon that coordinates with the wedding colors of pink & brown to throw in the baskets to sweeten air in the hotel rooms of our guests.
Oh my, I just skipped over to Lidy's site to grab the URL for this post and read her new post. She has a little web shop that I hadn't take the time to look at before but will be going back to when I leave this post. I like peas in a pod & lily-of-the-valley and was excited to see the new jewelry that she just received from France. Such talented artists to be found here in blog land. I'm off to Lidy's, won't you join me?

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