Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been tagged!

This is the first time I've been tagged so I'm not sure exactly what to do but here goes. The very talented Toni at http.//rabbithillcreations.blogspot.com tagged me to post 7 random things about me.

1. I have read the Holy Bible all the way through more than once.

2. My greatest blessings are my 3 grown children that all love the Lord.
Two of them are married and have lovely families, the third is getting married this August.
They have all finished college and are gainfully employed.

3. Morning is my favorite time of day, I get up very early, sometimes too early like today it's 2am here.

4. I am Grama to 4 precious little ones and Nana to 4 more. They are all seven and under. 4 live with in a couple of hours of us and the other 4 live way to far away, but we are praying that they move closer soon.

5. Friends are important to me from the gang I went to elementary school with, to the many mentors that have helped me, the new friends that I've made here in Detroit, to my fab 4 that are the most creative bunch of women that I am honored to have in my life, I love them all.

6. My husband is of southern Italian ancestry and I am of English. If you've ever read Cheryl Mendelson's "Home Comforts" you will understand the striking contrast. My adorable Italian neighbors sweep their driveways nearly every day, I on the other hand, prefer ironing ;)

7. My pet peeve is a lack of set meal times. This becomes especially bothersome for me while traveling when everyone is hungry at different times. OK, I just read about that in "Home Comforts" while looking for Mendelson's little blurb about the differences between her Italian & English Grandmother's, but I so agree with what she has to say.

Well, I didn't mean for this post to be all bragging about my wonderful family and friend's, believe me, we have our problems just like every body, but by the grace of God we have love, His greatest gift of all.

Thanks Toni for tagging me, this has been a fun thing to do while not sleeping like I should be. Since I really don't know that many people in blog land I will just say that any body that reads this and wants to post 7 random things about themselves consider yourself tagged.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Your blog is so inspiring - your home so inviting - I am blessed to have you as my friend! Now get some sleep!!!!! Love - S

  2. See, I told you that sometimes I get up wayyyyy too early. This morning may have been my personal record for early rising as evidenced by one of my fab 4 admonishing me to get some sleep!!!!! Thanks for stopping by Sheryl;) I did go back to bed and woke up only moments ago. Off to go read your e-mail now.

  3. Hey Sue! Here it is-hope you like it!


    ummm not sure how in the world to add it, I'm not very familier with blogger html...but can try to look into it a bit later on, but gife it a shot:) this was fun! & thanks!

  4. Thanks Amy. As you can see I figured out how to get it on here. How do you think it looks? I'm loving it. I'm heading over to your blog to comment now.

  5. Hi Sue, just stopping by to say hello. I love your list, thanks for participating...now go take a nap!...2:00 a.m.??? :(

  6. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Oh - I love your masthead! Very nice work to whomever helped create it! S

  7. It was amy from above at One Blue Egg. Isn't that a cute blog name? I posted about her earlier today up there somewhere.


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