Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Inspiring Donna

Donna wrote on her blog at http://thedecoratedhouse.blogspot.com/ , in her beautiful post about Mt. Dora, that she now takes more pictures because of her blog. That is how I feel too. Blogging has become a much needed creative outlet for me since I have retired. I love being able to be a keeper at home, and now, between household duties, popping in to the blog makes me know there are other's out there doing the same thing which fulfills that sense of belonging that I was missing now that I no longer have my little shop. I see other creative people sharing their passions, projects & pictures and it encourages me to work harder to create pretty inspirational things to share myself. I open a drawer and find it a mess and I think, take a picture of the before and after for the blog. Well I usually don't get around to actually going and getting my camera, but occasionally I do get around to really cleaning out the drawer ;)
Check out Donna's blog if you haven't already. She is amazing. The transformation that she has done on her adorable house is truly inspirational. I wrote her, when I first discover her, to tell her that, because of her, I now like my wooden kitchen cupboards. The canopy over her sink is like nothing I've ever seen before and would love to do in my kitchen.


  1. What a wonderful surprise!
    I came by to tell you thank you for your sweet comments on my site and I found this very kind post. Thank you!

    Love those geraniums! I got so many plants in the ground this weekend, and my pink geraniums are blooming in the pot, too. Yours are beautiful!

  2. Your welcome Donna. Your blog was one of the ones that gave me the idea to try blogging and it has been such a blessing to me, so I in turn, say thank you to you.
    Geraniums blooming in a pot are my favorite. Last year we had a more exotic variety of plants in our planters but I went back to geraniums this year even though you have to dead them every morning. I think my love of them comes from The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island, here in Michigan, that is just a glow with red geraniums every summer.
    Did you plant annuals or perenials? I finally have a garden that is mostly perenials now so I mostly just have weeds to battle and dead heading to keep up with. Love the color of annuals in the garden but don't miss planting them:)


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