Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Finally got my planting started. The flowers that I got at Flower Day are beautiful and huge, filling my huge pots on the front porch and my 2 window boxes. There weren't quite as many as I had anticipated so I had to get more to fill the backyard containers. John also pointed out, while I was saying that the cost per plant was around a dollar, that that was not the case. I never was all that great at math. Still the cost for planting this year is coming in much less than last year so I'm satisfied with that.

Blogger is being a pain and not letting me post multiple photo's so I'll add a few more in separate posts. It must be blogger, not me, right?


  1. Your plants look wonderful! did an awesome job, now...can you come over and do mine???...I also have been fighting with blogger this morning to post my latest creation, it was taking forever to upload the pictures so I just gave up and will try again later this evening. As always, love the pictures. :) Toni

  2. Sure, I'll be right over. Now where do you live??????? Darn blogger, I can't wait to see your latest creation.


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