Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who Knew Horchow Had Doors?

Today while checking my e-mail I came across a message from Horchow that is offering a 20% discount off anything on the entire site today only. Well, I clicked on the site to see if I had any thing sitting in my cart awaiting a sale and I did not so I took a minute to look around just to get inspired to get busy around here this morning and came across a section in the furniture area that said doors. Who knew that Horchow had doors?
The discount would have to be more like 80-90% for us to actually entertain the idea of replacing all our doors, but they are pretty aren't they?

My camera is around here some where but I can't find where I put it when we got home from up north. It will turn up when I get going around here, the pictures didn't really turn out all that great any way.

Well I better get busy. We have Mom & Dad, A & A and the Grand's, and Kyle & Carrie coming down to help me celebrate my birthday this weekend. On Sunday B & C and their 4 little's will be here for a week. All this company is just the excuse I have been looking for to put off the Spring Cleaning.


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Those doors are gorgeous!

  2. DOORS? I had no idea! Everything else they have is to die for so I am not surprised these are so pretty....but, my, aren't they so expensive?
    hugs, bj


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