Monday, March 10, 2008

Good morning from A & A's Kitchen

Angie's strawberry collection
Over the kitchen sink

Good morning from up north. Hope you all had a good weekend. We had a good time here with family and a few of Aaron's friends that stopped by to cheer up Aaron who is getting a little board while waiting for his strength to be regained. Rachel took the family picture of us below. A & A's neighbor Tony brought over a delicious beef stew and Dana made a roast with all the fixings that fed us all on Saturday night, thank you Tony and Dana.

The time change made for a groggy morning here as everyone got ready for school. Aaron's busy weekend made his a bit slow at getting ready for todays rehabilitation work out at physical therapy. His blood pressure and heart rate were good when Angie checked it over the weekend so hopefully he will be able to do his full workout this morning.

This week John and Kyle are off to Las Vegas for a contractors convention. The rest of us will be here waiting for baby Moore to arrive, no pressure Dana ;)

Thank you all for your prayers, visits, calls, comments and e-mails that Aaron so enjoys. He is still a bit surprized at the out pouring of concern for him but I can't tell you how much it means to him and how it brings such a smile to his face and really helps him pass the time while he waits for his eyes to heal so that he can drive again and regain his physical strength.

Much love and God bless,



  1. What a beautiful home! Blessings to Aaron and the rest of the family as he continues to recover.

  2. So glad Aaron is back home, that alone must make him feel better. Their home looks beautiful but I knew it would just from seeing your home!

  3. Sue,
    I'm so happy you are having a nice glad Aaron continues to do well.

    Ronald isn't doing well at all...he has developed pneumonia and other problems...please pray fervently for him.....thank you....Betty


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