Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Aaron Up Date

There seems to be quite a few of you checking in to see how Aaron is doing. For the sake of his privacy I have been reluctant to post much. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome & TENs is a very complicated condition with so many variables that it makes it also complicated to comprehend for all of us and most of all Aaron and the care takers that are working like crazy to get him through this thing.

I can say that it is so good to talk to him. He is so cheerful and optimistic. Angie and him are on the road most days either at a doctors appointment or at physical therapy. The other day they even tried to visit Dana after their appointments but couldn't get up her icy drive way and a passerby had to rescue them from their car that slide backwards into the ditch half way up her driveway and take them home.

This weekend John and I are going up north on Saturday to spend the night with them. Maybe with his help we can post a little update from his house. He so wants to thank all of you that so faithfully prayed for him these last few months and is praising the Lord for hearing your prayers.
Thank you God for hearing the prayers of your saints. All glory and honor are yours dear heavenly Father.

During Aaron's time in the hospital I prayed for God to give me the words to communicate what was happening to Aaron that would give Him the glory for answering our prayers. He did give me the words that touched all of you with encouragement to pray and many of you have said that you are giving God the glory for hearing your prayers and we all join you in praising His mighty name for His faithfulness.

The body of Chirst is a powerful group, empowered by the Holy Spirit to seek and find and we are told to ask and that if you do you will receive. Many times we don't receive exactly what we were asking for but the Lord hears us and answers in ways that we may never no until we meet him in heaven but he does answer.

Those of you that do not have a personal relationship with Christ that have followed along on this journey with Aaron I would encourage you to take the first step to developing one by asking Him to come into your heart. Ask him to show you the way, to forgive you your sins, and to put faith in your heart to believe that God sent his Son to die for you so that you may have everlasting life in his presence. God loves you as much as he loves Aaron and wants to hear from you. Please won't you call on him today? If you do tell, a Christian friend so that they can help you take the next step to finding the peace, love and joy that only God, through Christ our Lord, can bring. you.

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  1. Hi Sue.

    Just home for a while and then we are away again but just wanted to pop by and see how Aaron (and you) are going. We are so happy to read he is home, a huge huge hurdle and that is just fantastic. We won't forget you and Aaron, you are all in our prayers. Blessings to you all Sue.

    Jenn and Jacqui xo

  2. Sue - good on you for posting about Jesus :-) you never know what may happen :-)

  3. Anonymous5:51 AM

    May God Bless you for the blog you have posted for aaron and all the lives you have touched. yes God is so wonderful to all of us.

    God Bless,Joyce

  4. Sue,
    So glad to hear that Aaron with God's healing hands is on the mend. Just last night as my 8 year old son stepped out of the shower...I went in to help him with lotion on his dry little legs. As I was rubbing the lotion on him he says, "thank you mom for taking care of me all of my life, you love me so much don't you?" Yes sweetie mommy loves you more than you could ever know I said. Then he, no offense but there is someone who loves me more than you. I looked up at him with a puzzled look. Jesus, he says. Oh Sue....that touched my heart, my baby is so smart. What a sweet angel he is, how could I be this lucky!

  5. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I just came across an article on Stevens Johnson Syndrome on this link, which has a link at the end to a SJS Foundation -

    I pray Aaron is improving.


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