Thursday, March 06, 2008

Keepers At Home

This little picture above is of some of my favorite things that are on top of our tall dresser in our bedroom. There is a bigger picture of the bedroom back a few posts. All of the furniture in it is from junktique shops. The bed is from an auction that I went to as a drive by. I told the country auctioneer how much, which was not much at all, that I would pay for it and then left to run some erands. When I stopped back after running my errands the bed was propped up off to the side and he told me that I had won it. You just never know when you might get a good deal.

The dressers and desk are from an old shop from down here that Sarah and I used to stop into when we were in the area before I moved down here. I had been looking for old Federal Style furniture to go with our bed and finally found it some 120 miles from home. Transportation is alway an issue when you find a great deal miles from home so I've learned to always factor that into any decision to buy something big before actually deciding to get it. We eventually managed to get it home, I really can't remember how, but it has worked for us for many years.

The little green compact in the left corner of the dresser was a gift from Kyle and Carrie that they gave me at their wedding, it is one of three that don't show up in this picture and I have fond memories of each one. One of the other ones is a silver heart compact that has mirrors in it that Dana got for me for Valentines Day years ago when she was working as the manager of the handbags department at Neiman Marcus just after she graduated from college. The other one is also a mirrored one with the Eiffel Tower on it that Sarah tucked into a gift.

The little pink and green books are propped up by a pair of book ends that were left in our old house by the previous owners. The green dogs were bought new for the living room but during the decluttering made their way up to the bedroom and are very happy there as is the green ceramic melon. The covered lamb box holds safety pins. The pretty little lady statues that have their arms and other bits glued on them because they were much loved are Dana's that I used to buy for her when she was a little girl. Judy used to buy the big ones for her daughter and I thought that was such a sweet idea that I adopted the practice on a smaller scale for Dana. I wonder if Staci still has hers or if they are at Judy's house like Dana's are at mine?

Any way, I got on this subject after reading Lady Lydia's post about "Contentment At Home" that you might enjoy if you have a few minutes. Blogger is being touchy about when it decides to let me post pictures. My plan was to post semi-finished closet cleaning pictures this morning but the above picture popped up and it made me think about Lady Lydia's post so I wrote about this instead. When I start writing posts I really never know where they might lead me.

God bless you all and I hope you are content with what ever and where ever your day may lead you.



  1. Sue,
    A beautiful grouping....Betty

  2. Hi Sue, Great post! I always love to have a peek into other people's homes and admire their precious treasures :)

    Unfortunately I'm not quite content at home yet. I love my house and it's a very humble home but I feel we could make a few modifications that could really finish the place off and then I'd be really content. It's such a daunting task we really need to be kicked to get started lol.

    Anna :)


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