Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day of Spring

Well, I left my camera up north so the pictures that were promised will have to wait until after Easter. The picture above is my kitchen window garden that is right above my sink. It is such a fun place to put little flower groups. The tulips are in a vase that Meagan gave me as a thank you gift that makes tulips very easy to display and really stretches the impact of just a few flowers. Thank you Meagan.

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely first day of spring.


  1. What a clever display vase! Spring is here!

  2. Happy Spring! Can you believe we got a fresh blanket of snow this morning?! YUK, go away snow!
    Yes your display is adorable, thanks for sharing. It's so "springy" - :)

  3. I've enjoyed catching up on all your posts/ They are all so beautiful and inspiring. Glad all is well and hope your Spring is starting.


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