Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Morning

Yesterday Aaron's face looked so good after they did his dressing changes. His temperature was up a bit to 101 and his heart rate was 140 but the nurses were not too concerned and said that his wounds looked really good when they did his dressing change.

Kyle and Doug were at the hospital early yesterday morning and Dana and I were with him in the afternoon. My throat is scratchy and I'm sneezing so I didn't want to sit too long in his room and potentially spread any bugs so we left the hospital at about 3:00. It was hard not being there with him but my Mom's intuition told me to go home.

John and Angie will be back today which I'm looking forward too. They both had some much needed time with the children and hopefully were able to rest up a bit even though there thoughts were no doubt with Aaron.

Please keep Aaron in your prayers today as you head off to your Church services. I so wish that we had a Church family down here.

Much love and God bless,


  1. Praise God for the good news! All the little "victory's" will add up to complete healing for Aaron.
    Your blog photos and messages have been so beautiful and inspiring.
    God Bless you my dear friend.
    Love - Sheryl

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Sue, Sunday Grace was at Kari and Kijsa's blog today. We would like to share it with you.

    God be with thee in every pass,
    Jesus be with thee on every hill,
    Spirit be with thee on every stream,
    Headland and ridge and lawn;

    Each sea and land, each moor and meadow,
    Each lying down, each rising up,
    In the trough of the waves, on the crest of billows,
    Each step of the journey thou goest.

    Jenn and Jacqui

  3. Aunt Sue and family,

    Thanks so much for keeping up the daily journal on Aaron. It helps the extended family stay in touch with all the updates on him. Even though we can't be down there, Aaron is always in our thoughts and prayers. I know as a nurse this will be a long journey to recovery, but with all of our prayers and all of Aaron's angels from up above it will be a comfortable one.

    Jamie and family

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    To the White family
    We are so sad to hear about Aaron's condition and are keeping your whole family in our thoughts and prayers. We have been friends for a long time and this really hits us in the heart to hear of our friend in such bad shape. We are so glad that he has such a great family to hold him up! We will keep ourselves posted via the blog, what a great idea!
    Love Bruce and Kim Shaffer

  5. Hi Sue,

    It's a blessing to your readers to be able to follow the progress being made and see God's answer to prayers. Thank you for the updates. We will continue to lift Aaron and your family up. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Scott9:16 PM

    All of the leadership at Mount Pleasant Community Church has been praying for Aaron and your family and will continue to do so. Your children have become part of our church family. You are not alone.

    Pastor Scott McKee

  7. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Good Morning Sue,

    So glad to hear that your son's recovery is a tad better...each step is closer to his full recovery.

    Pls know that I continue to keep Aaron in my prayers.

    God Bless,
    Kathy :)

    ps pls take care of your scratchy throat..I know it's hard to do, but you must think of yourself too!!

  8. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Our thoughts are with Aaron and your entire family during this ordeal. We hope he continues on a path to recovery. We will monitor this blog to stay up to date. Thank you for setting it up and keeping everyone one who cares so much for Aaron informed. We will be thinking of you all.
    Love ya Aaron-
    Bella & Andy Church


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