Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Care Givers and Other Brothers

Words can not express our gratitude for the loving care that Aaron's girls are receiving from their Nana or that Aidan is receiving from Kay. Nana is Aaron's step Mother and is filling in for Aaron and Angie with Taylor and Riley. It is such a blessing to them to be able to have the peace of knowing that their girls are being cared for by someone that loves them from the bottom of their heart.

Kay has babysat for all the grand's at one point or another and they all adore here. Blake always wants to go to Kay's even when Dana has no need for a babysitter. She is taking wonderful care of Aidan and we are all so grateful to her for stepping in during this difficult time. Aaron's cousin Jill is taking care of Aidan at night now and we are greatful to her for helping out.

We have a big extended family and his other brothers are all praying for Aaron's healing even though they are seperated by distance and we are appreciating their prayers and encouragement. His little other brother Tyler has been here and at his young age has been a huge help to all of us. Thank you Tyler for all your help to Grampa and all of us. He is coming down today with Kyle and we pray for their safe travel on this snowy morning.

Yesterday Aaron had his dressings changed for the first time in two days and the Doctor reported that it looks like the rash has not spread any further. Glory be to the Father! They have put Aaron on a sand bed which is very high tech and apparently something like being on a water bed. Angie asked him if it was comfy and he nodded yes. The bed is able to absorbe moisture and be regulated to cool him when his temperature spikes.


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    This is a wonderful way for those of us not able to be there to feel somewhat connected to what is happening with Aaron. Please send my love and prayers to Aaron. A special thank you to the those loving individuals who are caring for Aaron and Angies children. The relief for them knowing that the kids are ok, allows the focus to be on healing and making it through this amazingly difficult time.
    All my thoughts, Prayers and love to you all,
    Laura Panganis

  2. Who would have thought, when you started this blog, that God would use it to provide life-sustaining prayers for your sweet son! God always has a plan.

  3. I hope tomorrow is an even better day for Aaron. Sounds like EVERYONE is being taken care of wonderfully.

  4. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Hi Sue, we are with all the wonderful ladies above, step by step and day by day, little by little. Every little thing an improvement, that's good news. You are all in our prayers every day. Jenn and Jacqui

  5. Aaron,
    Hang in their little guy. God is with you. I was happy to read the rash didn't spread. Sounds like they are taking really good care of him.

  6. Dear Sue, I was stunned to hear about your dear son. I am so happy for you that he is doing better. My thoughts are with your son, his daughters and you and your family. We will be hoping for the speediest recovery possible. Hugs, Stephanie


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