Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Get Well !

It was so good yesterday to spend some time with Aaron while he was alert. We propped his bed up to a sitting position, he put on his glasses and began to read some of the cards that he has been getting. He laughed at some that were funny, was reverent toward the prayerful ones and deeply moved by Susan's that spoke of the children.

The messages provoked questions that he was able to write out. First he wrote asking if the latch key people got their check on Friday or Monday. Then he wanted to know if my car was fixed. He asked how Joe T. was doing and if we had heard from him recently. His is so concerned about how every one is doing and very unconcerned about his own pain and suffering which is so typical of Aaron's character.

All of your encouraging messages are such a God sent blessing because just before we read them to him and he read some him self the nurse told us that he had developed pneumonia. He has not been able to eat anything because he can not swallow yet so they had to put the feeding tube back in his nose. After several attempts the nurse gave up because if kept hitting his treck tube and he couldn't get it into his stomach. He said they were going to take a break and have the Dr. come in later to try again but that we could go back in the room with him.

Praise God for making Aaron such a strong man. He asked Angie to move the hand pillows that he used to grip while they were attempting the procedure and pointed to the cards hanging on the wall and asked us to hand him some. Your messages took his mind off his troubles and gave him the peace to go back to sleep after reading them.

When Angie left last night they still had not been back in to attempt the feeding tube so we are not sure how that went. But we pray that the issue has been resolved and that his fever is under control and that his lungs are able to clear.

Thank you all for your offers of music, we are all set now. Cay is making a CD for him and will send it our way. Please continue to pray for Aaron.



  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I am so happy to hear that Aaron's eyes seem fine and he is able to read. It must be very humbling to actually be able to see how many people love him and have been praying for him and the family. I'm sure that he will be anxious to continue to get well so that he can see the kids. Won't that be a glorious day... Kim (Angie's cousin)

  2. Pray God from whom all blessings flow......such wonderful news of Aaron and I know as a mother you are over the moon......God Bless...Betty

  3. Anonymous9:38 PM

    I am so happy to hear that Aaron is doing so well (even with the news of the pneumonia). I am sending a card (has some pictures from college) and a package (has a Healing Angel in it). Thinking of all of you and appreciate the daily updates that you write.
    Jennifer and Tom Ludwig

  4. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Aaron we are so greatful you are healing. Thank the Lord and as Kim said "hallelujah". we are praying for you daily and your family. We know that The Lord hears our needs and answers prayers. Bless you and we love you.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Joyce

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Aaron, Not only are you on the internet you've been posted in thoughts and prayers of everyone who has heard about your condition. With your determination and large support group your recovery will happen at the rate your body needs to heal. God doesn't give us more than we can handle. When you feel things are not going as you'd like just remember-there is a reason! Don't use up your energy with negative thoughts and actions-keep positive! Love to you and your family. Rhonda Reedy, my family and friends


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