Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Blue Eyes (Nemphita insignis)

Thank you all for your prayers for peace yesterday for Aaron. The good Lord heard your requests and granted him a peaceful day of sleep after his dressing change that took over 2hours. During that time they also were able to transfer him to a regular hospital bed and get him off of the water bed feeling sand bed that they had had him on while he was sedated. The sand bed was good at regulating the moisture level needed for his wounds to heal but not so good at letting him feel grounded while coming out from under the sedation.

Most of the afternoon he spent peacefully asleep. When he was awake his vision seemed, how do I say it????, unfocused. The nurse said that his depth perception was most likely compromised by the sedation drugs. He seemed to be reaching for the cards that are across from the foot of his bed strung on several rows of floral wire attached to the wall.

When Angie got home last night she said that your prayers for sleep had been answered and she asked that we request prayers for his eyes today. So, dear ones, we ask that when you pray today for Aaron please ask God in Jesus name to continue to heal his eyes. The flowers above are called Baby Blue Eyes and are about the same color as Aaron's eyes.

Dear God we give you all the glory and praise for the work you are doing in Aaron. Praise to you oh Lord, we worship and adore you.

Sue and family


  1. Sue,

    I continue to pray for Aaron daily. Thinking of you all and asking for strength! Allison Mitchell (Lindley)

  2. i have prayed for you and for Aaron , Sue

  3. Praise God for Aaron's restful day - may his eyes focus today! I sent the "communication cards" UPS yesterday and they should be delivered to your house today. I hope they can help him out.
    Love & Hugs - Sheryl

  4. Sue,
    Prayers for the Lord to heal Aaron's eyes. I have heard that the eye is the fastest healing part of the body...don't know where I got that from. But it sounds promising...
    Blessings and Hugs,

  5. Aaron, Sue, Angie & Family - prayers are being answered, slowly but surely. Daily thoughts and prayers from Wisconsin.... asking for extra help from our special ones above - they NEVER let us down and are always there with us.
    All our love
    Cindy xoxoxo

  6. Sue and Family,

    We would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all of you during this very trying time. We will continue this process until Aaron is fully recovered.

    Best Regards,

    The Natzel Family

  7. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Dear Sue, we continue to pray for Aaron daily and will do so until Aaron is well again and we know he will be well again. Bless you Sue. Jenn and Jacqui


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