Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ready, set, load it all up!

This picture was taken last year just before we loaded everything into the car to take it up north. The stockings must have already been loaded into the car before I snapped this quick picture. You will see John's lone stocking still hanging there by the towering boxes.
Looking at these old pictures is working out well. I had forgotten that last year I found that set of stacking boxes at Costco and thought it would be a good way to do something different with John's gifts. He is so hard to buy for, so last year each of the twelve boxes were filled with a little something and the whole presentation really did put a bit of smile on his face as he opened each little box filled with tiny treasures. None of them really amounted to much but he liked it and that made me happy. I better go retrieve those boxes again since I still have no idea what to get him this year.


  1. Even though this was last year,,,,it is still very beautiful!

  2. Oh I do think that stacking boxes idea is a great one. Am loving your chrissy photos!
    Alicia ~ time worn style


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