Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gift Wrapping Day

Image from Carolyne Roehm's lovely website

Today is gift wrapping day here. The lovely Ms. Roehm was kind enough to post this beautiful collection of wrapped gifts on her website in my colors with even the Greenbrier ~G~ in hot pink included to motivate me to actually get started wrapping gifts. Well she didn't post it just for me but it is there never the less, and a lovely place to find inspiration if any of you need to refill your creative tanks for the last push to Christmas. ~xoxo ~


  1. Thanks for stopping by to visit me! I, too, had a wrapping day and I am afraid I am not finished! I am looking for creative inspiration late tonight.......Maybe sleep will help. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi, Sue, I don't think I've talked to you in ages...I've been way too busy, which is about to slow down soon. Love all your Christmas decor & I hope you & yours have a wonderful time this Season.


  3. Just popped in to wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Take care.
    Love Elzie

  4. These are such gorgeous colors, aren't they? Love them.
    My wrapping isn't as pretty this year, I'm just glad I finally have gifts under the tree.
    xo Lidy


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