Saturday, December 08, 2007

Glad Tidings of Comfort And Joy

This year we have decided to forgo decorating for Christmas and carry the spirit of Christmas in our hearts. John has been working long hours with a tough commute six days a week for most of the fall. Today is the first Saturday that he has had off of work in a long time. Last night while we were driving home from his birthday dinner he asked if I wanted him to put up the tree and lights on Saturday. I suggested that maybe we didn't have to decorate this year. We do not have any Christmas parties planned here at Greenbrier this year. His work schedule is brutal. We go up north on Christmas. He thought maybe that would be alright.

This morning John showed me how to put the photo card from my old camera into the computer to download pictures. All of the pictures from last Christmas are now on my computer so I can share them with you this season as it progresses.

The picture above is of our great room mantel hung with stockings for each of our six children, Bernie, Joey, Aaron, Dana, Kyle, and Matt and one on either end for each of us. This picture cuts out Johns stocking but it is there. I still do stockings for my kids every year and they are their favorite thing that I get for them. We don't see most of John's side at Christmas time so we send their gift off earlier. We so look forward to when Bernie & Cathy and the kids are able to move closer so we can be together for the holidays.

Well, John is at the gym and I better get to exercising. We are focusing on faith, family, friends, fitness, and fun this Christmas season and being a gift shop proprietor for so many years guarantees that there will be gifts~~~~lots of gifts~~~~

We wish you comfort and joy today and through out this holy season.


  1. Well! What a lovely, lovely blog you have. Just beautiful. Thank you for stopping by....and I really look forward to having you for a Company Girl!

    Great photos!

  2. Sue Your mantle from last year is beautiful! Good for you taking the pressure of yourselves to decorate for Christmas. Last year we didn't decorate because we were goingto be away. Even though the house looked a little forlorn, it ws greathaving nothing to put away once Christmas was over. It is so easy to get caught up in the "Christmas spirit" and forget the reason we do it, to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  3. Your photos from last year are beautiful!

    Christmas is whatever works for your family each year, I think. Faith, family and friends are *the* most important ingredients, aren't they? I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season!

    xo, Andrea


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