Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Few Of Us At Christmas

Hope everyone is well and had a merry Christmas. We are back home now and the dishwasher and washing machine are running at full tilt. John went into work and Aaron is asleep on the couch. Why is it that I can't get my boys to go upstairs and get into bed? They love to fall asleep on the couch when they come down here, go figure.

Today CMU is playing Purdue in the Motor City Bowl at Ford Field in downtown Detroit. Later this afternoon John, Aaron and I will head down there to cheer for the Chippewa's of CMU.
Mom and Dad are bringing my nephew and some of his friends down so we will meet up with them and other friends from MP to tail-gate before the big game.

This not putting up any Christmas decorations is working out to be a pretty good deal. When we got home last night the boys unloaded the car for me and I got everything sorted out and put away. John and I opened our presents and we had time after that to watch a movie and pop some popcorn. Today while John catches up at work a bit Aaron and I will get to do a little shopping with our Christmas money and have a nice lunch at Partridge Creek either at PF Chang's or Brio before heading down to the game. It is really nice not having to worry about taking down decorations and just being able to concentrate on enjoying family and friends!

Merry Christmas everyone, from a few of us!


  1. everyone looks like they had a great christmas!
    happy holidays!
    jessi nagy

  2. What a beautiful family! May the Lord bless you and yours and give you many more happy days in the approaching New Year!

    Hope you had a marvelous Christmas!


  3. Hi Sue! Your home looks wonderful--and sounds like you've had a nice Christmas! Love the pictures of your bedroom. So romantic!

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  5. What a treat to visit your site this morning and see your family!
    The kids are so adorable. The looks on Aidan and Blake's faces are priceless and Rileys grin, Taylor always the little lady...what a joyous time you must have had!
    Must add the CMU Chippewa's are winners even tho they lost the game in the last 2 secs! I can't imagine how exciting it was to be at the game.....
    Thanks for sharing your photos!
    Love - S

  6. Hi Sue. You have a wonderful looking family. I am sure you had a great time being all togehter. That's what it's all about isn't it?

  7. Hi Sue,
    Your family is so lovely! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that 2008 is wonderful too!

  8. Such a lovely family and I am loving the wallpaper and staircase too! : )
    What a special group of people.
    May your 2008 be a joy filled year.

  9. You have such a beautiful family!
    Joy and Health in the New Year!
    Be careful on those skis! LOL
    God bless.

  10. Such a lovely family-glad you had a nice Christmas! I'm just loving this snow!


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