Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cathy Kincaid for Southern Living

This picture has been in my file for ages as one of my favorite dining rooms. Hope you enjoy this light, calm, crisp room.


  1. What a beautiful room for me to visit first thing this morning! I love blue and white. I would love it if you'd list my blog on yours. Thanks.

  2. I just wish I had the place for such a table. For us, that has a very small house and no place for a dining table at all, it seems like a dream.
    Hope you're having a great Tuesday.
    Love Elzie

  3. That is such a lovely room!

  4. ooo sue -yum! I cant decide what I like best in this picture - the chairs, their skirts, the candle arbours, the chandelier .... wait no!! Its the flowers!!! :-)


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