Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Days In A Row

 Well, two day in a row of blogging.  Maybe I will get back into it....too soon to tell I suppose.  Anyway, we left home today for up north at around 9.  It was a nice sunny day to make the three hour drive up 1-75.  We stopped at Birch Run for a quick run through the Ralph Lauren store and a break at the 7-11.  I needed a couple of tops to fit my ever expanding body.  I quit smoking in November and am giving myself until March 1 to not worry about the weight I gain..... March 1th can not come soon enough!!!   
I always loving coming into the Condo.  It is so different from our house, very neutral and calm.   We have not done much decorating yet but have painted, upgraded a few appliances , and cleaned like crazy.  The condo is small but I will try to post progress here as we go along.  Three of the pictures above came from our local antique shop that I love call Dunnagain's here in Boyne City.  The two on the left are prints framed in old gold frames and the one on the right is an old oil painting.  They all are pictures with lakes in them.  The oil painting on the left under the little oval print is one the I got from an antique shop in New Orleans in the late 70's.  I wish I knew more about this nice little oil painting.

Well I'm off to check out Pintrest to see what I missed today.    

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  1. I'm sure your condo will give you so much enjoyment, especially when warmer weather arrives. Don't get north too often. I don't think we've ever been to Boyne City, but we have gone to Birch
    Run a few times. Enjoy your day!


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