Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!  I'm celebrating by getting out a few Easter goodies for the house, down loading pictures to my lap top, and updating this blog.  I see a few of you over on Pintrest but often feel like I want to say more than I can say in the comment section so I'm going to try to jump back into blogging and see if I can even remember the basics.

Quite a bit going on around here since I last blogged.  I left you with a couple pictures of Dana's cottage.  It is coming along and they have hired The Cottage Company out of Harbor Springs to draw up some plans for them to give it a bit of a face lift and to maximixe the space to accomodate their family.  Should be a fun adventure to follow.  She has a lot of her ideas pinned on Pintrest in her cottage board that you can take a look at to get an idea of the direction she is going with the updating if you enjoy that kind of thing.  You might be able to get there by clicking HERE.

Since the kids seem to be setting up housekeeping of one sort or another in the northwest lower penninsula of Michigan we decided to take advantage of the buyers real estate market and we made an offer on a condo around the 4th of July and the sellers accepted our offer. 

There is our prize....far left, ground floor, and steps from the beach. 

There is soooo much inspiration on Pintrest that I think it is hard to narrow down your choices but it is an invaluable resource none-the-less and I am totally addicted.  Pintrest has my head spinning with ideas to update our new/old place. For now we have painted the whole inside with a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore White Dove.  I wanted the color of an LL Bean canvas tote, the White Dove seemed like the closest match and it turn out to be just what I was looking for.  You can have a look at my inspiration board on Pintrest by clicking HERE if you would like.  I have so much pinned there and probably won't use any of it but it sure is fun to dream....

Thanks for stopping by if you have found your way back here after such a long absence by me, the negligent author of this blog.  Are you on Pintrest?  Has it replaced blogging for you?  I hope not....If I can get a grove going here I hope to get back into.  



  1. Welcome Back! Congrats on your move!

  2. Welcome back! Your new condo looks like a dream place to spend time by the water.
    Are you still in Shelby area or did you move to a new home?
    Good to see you posting again.

  3. Thanks for the welcome back Ladies. We are still in Shelby. We have been without an up-north place for a few years now and felt like the time was right to buy again. Thankfully we sold our summer house in Harbor Springs, that was not on the water, right before the market crashed. We are really happy to be back on the water again.

  4. Good to see you Sue -- you've been missed.

  5. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Hello hello, what a nice surprise !!! I have not tried pintrest, I think I am the only one lol

    All the best,
    Kathy :)


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