Saturday, March 05, 2011

Grosse Pointe Shores Village

This is my new love. Isn't she a beauty? If you are from Mt. Pleasant you will probably see the resemblance between this and the house we sold when we moved in 2003. I loved that house on its pretty maple lined street and this Grosse Pointe Shores house reminds me so much of it when we first bought it in 1996. I'm guessing Kyle will recognize it and make the same comment he made when we bought the Maple St. house. "It looks like a box and when you fix it up it will still look like a box with a wreath on it". He later recanted his statement.
The gleaming wood floors are an improvement over our former house that we had to remove miles of pet stained carpets from and refinish all the floors. The window and fireplace placement are identical. Some moldings around the fireplace would be all I would do in this living room.

The mirror in the dining room would have to go.

The kitchen has a good layout for the way we live which would save on renovation costs. I would add crown molding, paneled doors, paint the cupboards creamy white, add bin pulls to the lower cabinets and knobs to the uppers in gold, thick marble counter tops with ogee edges and marble back splashes, a farm sink, new faucets, a couple of lanterns over the island, and new appliances with a focal point hood added over the new gas stove.

New doors and windows with mullions, a slate floor, and painted rattan furniture in here.

Wouldn't this be pretty with beautiful windows and doors on the sun room?

There is plenty of room for a pool which is a must for us even though this house is only one house away from Lake St. Clair.
Do you like classic old houses? Would you even consider a house that needed updating like this one if you were contemplating a move? Feel free to add any suggestions of what you might do to this house to make it fabulous.


  1. I didn't realize you were comtemplating a move.
    Your present home is so beautiful!
    Very familiar with Grosse Pointe Shores. Isn't that a little ways from where you live now?
    The new house is lovely and I can see the potential of you making it gorgeous.
    When are you moving? Sorry for all the questions.
    I've missed you posting.
    Hope all goes well for you.

  2. It is beautiful, a little dated on the inside but with your decorating touches it would be very Grosse Pointey! I'm sure you could snatch it up for a steal too! I just got my assessment on my house in Grose Pointe Farms...not a happy girl! Oh well, life goes on right! ;)

  3. HoH, We are contemplating a move. We would have to practically give our present house away but like PLD said we can probably snatch up another house for a steal so the trade off might work out in the end. I am a Village girl and not a Suburbanite and at this point in time I think my husband understands that better now. lol.

    PLD, Lower assessments are good on the buyers side but not so great on the seller side. We just got ours too...depressing indeed.

  4. Sue,
    It is a beauty! I love all the changes you would make...they sound right on! It would be so wonderful to be so close to the lake!


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