Sunday, March 06, 2011

Living Room and Dining Room Wallpaper

After ages of trying to decide what color to paint our living room and dining room I finally made a decision and decided not to paint at all but to wallpaper both rooms. While contemplating make a move, continuing making our suburban house into an English Cottage in the burbs keeps pulling me back.
This cabbage rose paper with a great deal of white space will go in the living room. I had a similar paper in blue and white in the foyer of our old house that I liked so I am pretty sure I will like this one too.
This pink damask paper will go in the dining room. It should make a good background for my old pieces of art and the plates that I will hang on the walls.

I have enjoyed the bright jewel toned colors that have been in these two rooms for several years now but the landscaping has grown up dimming the light in these two rooms. Hopefully, these two light bright papers will lighten things up. We will see. If I don't like it when it gets here I will send it back or add it to my someday inventory.


  1. I love wallpaper but it is so much work to take off. When we bought our house every room had it and we spent weeks getting it down :( from then on I decided only paint for us. There is original Lincrusta going up the stairs and down the hallway from when the house was built in the late 10's or early 20's and I won't touch that.

  2. Love both of these -- can't wait to see the finished project.

  3. Love soft, romantic and elegant. Cannot wait to see pictures of the finished product..I am sure its going to look spectacular!

  4. I am so happy that wallpaper is becoming popular again. Of course, I love it so much that I put it in my bathroom even though it was supposed to be not cool. I like that you do what makes you's going to look lovely!

  5. Those shades are fresh and calming. Very elegant.
    Mary Ann

  6. Beautiful and so you! I can't wait to see the final product!

  7. Well the wallpaper arrived today and I am over the moon in love with it. I have a decided to put the one with the blowsey roses in the dining room and the pink damask in the living room because there are already so many roses on the upholstery in there that I was worried that it would be too much.
    So, the man that will hang the paper will be here tomorrow to look at the job and I am hoping that he can get it hung asap. I will be back with completed pictures.


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