Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Wednesday Morning To You

We hope you are finding yourself in a place full of sunshine like we are here. A fresh pot of coffee is brewing, the table is set and our Grandson's, Aidan and Blake are on their second On Demand movie of the morning, first Scoobie Do now Tangled. Dana is getting some much needed rest so Grandma is spoiling the boys with two movies this morning.
The little hand in the picture is Nolan's, our baby, who is growing up very fast. He helped me set the table.
The Smokey Links are browned, the English Muffins are sliced and in the toaster ready to be toasted, the eggs are scrambled and waiting to be cooked, the jelly and juice are decanted. All we need now is for Dana to wake up and join us for this simple breakfast.

After breakfast we will clean up then head out for some shopping. I need to replace my Clinique Foaming Facewash at Nordstrom's so I for-see lunch in their cafeteria. This is the start of my birthday week celebration so I will let John decide on dinner plans, and I hope that it is something that does not include me washing piles of dishes.

Oh, we had a very strange incident last night. Something very odd happed to our refrigerator. When we opened the door to the regular side of the refrigerator a blast of warm air came out. The freezer side was still chilling but the other side was in a full meltdown. I have never seen anything like this before. We transfered the contents of the meltdown side to the refrigerator in the garage, pulled the frige away from the wall, dusted it off, swept and washed the floor, unplugged it, let it set a few minutes then plugged it back in. This morning when we woke up it was cold again.

Has anybody ever had anything like this happen before?


  1. No Sue. I haven't had that particular thing happen but I have had fridge issues...just not that one.:)
    Enjoy your grandbabies and Happy Birthday!
    PS I love your pretty table setting!

  2. Love Easter decor, esp. the bunnies on the table!

  3. I did have something similar happen when we moved and our fan thingie (technical term, of course) was blocked somehow when the fridge was slid into place. Fortunately, we found it before it caused major damage and once we fixed the blockage it worked perfectly with now problems since. I hope you have a wonderful Wed. and I am lusting after you fun bunny china!

  4. No, but maybe it just overheated from bad circulation due to dust. I know I don't clean mine as often as I should.
    The breakfast looks like fun with the kiddies. I hope you had fun shopping with them.
    Happy Birthday week!

  5. Oh darn! Looks like I missed breakfast!

  6. Your table sure looks spring-y and very lovely!

  7. If you have a Sub Zero, this is not unusual. The motor, which is above the unit, gets clogged with dust and needs vacuuming twice a year where we live. You may need professional help the first time (I did), but you'll get the hang of it. The freezer runs on its own motor and doesn't require the same dusting for some reason.

  8. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Sound like the boys are having a ball !!! Glad to hear Mamma is getting a rest, I remember those days !!

    I just love Blue Stove...we were just there last week !!

    How about Pizza for dinner :)

    Have a nice day Sue, hello to Dana, I miss her blog, her house is adorable !!!

    All the best,
    Kathy :)

  9. Love your dishes and table setting, so pretty... and so spring! Have a great birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day! I saw you share the same birthday as another blogger! :) ME

  11. HHH, I tried to visit you but see your blog is private. I would love an invite.

    Kathy, You always leave such lovely comments and I always wonder if I know you in real live. I would love it if you would e-mail me.


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